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Fast Fund Software

Araize - FastFund Nonprofit Software

Unlike off the-shelf commercial accounting products, Araize’s FastFund Nonprofit Software provides a true fund accounting solution designed by CPAs for the unique requirements of nonprofit organizations. Hundreds of nonprofits across the country are using FastFund to track multiple funding sources and programs, demonstrate financial accountability and maintain grant and governmental compliance.

FastFund is an affordable, modular system and is the only fully integrated fund accounting, fund raising and payroll solution available on the market for less than $1,500.

Frank J. Scarano and Company offer not only their accounting education and experience, but also an in-depth understanding of the FastFund Nonprofit Software. To assist you with its most efficient and effective use, our services include:

  • Demonstrations
  • Purchase - initial purchase or additional modules
  • Implementation, including set-up planning and design
  • On-site training
  • Assistance with set-up of the chart of accounts
  • Assistance with year-end processing, 1099s, W-2s
  • Assistance with custom reports and forms
  • Periodic system review and evaluation

Araize’s FastFund Nonprofit is an easy to use financial management system that can help your organization plan and manage budgets, maximize grants, and produce accurate customized reports. FastFund Accounting software addresses the specific nonprofit financial management needs of organizations that need to track and report on multiple funds across multiple budget periods to meet their reporting requirements and demonstrate accountability.

FastFund Accounting will help your organization take control over your fiscal responsibilities:

  • Save time and money preparing required reports. Generate the reports you need within the system, instead of manipulating data with external spreadsheets third party report writers.
  • Customize the chart of accounts to reflect your organizational structure and reporting requirements.
  • Consistent transaction entry screens make it easy to learn and use. Drill down capability to transactions from source journals allow for verification of data entry and proper distribution. Set up default accounts, preset allocations and recurring entries to speed up data entry and reduce errors.
  • Make it easy for auditors to verify financial statement accuracy by maintaining a clear audit trail.

Powerful Reporting Tools

The reporting needs of nonprofit organizations are unique and as a fiscal manager, you can't afford to jeopardize crucial funding by failing to provide accurate reports to funding sources. FastFund Accounting provides a flexible, built-in report writer that easily creates reports to meet the different requirements of funding sources, internal management, and your board.

  • Easily generate standard nonprofit financial management reports, such as FASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements.
  • Report on multiple fiscal years in the same report or create custom reports that cross fiscal years.
  • Customize reports for the Board, Management and Program Directors and Donors.
  • Produce 990 worksheets to assist in the compilation of your annual federal form 990.
  • Export all reports to PDF or Excel files.

A Comprehensive Fund Raising module integrates with FastFund Accounting

Araize is the only company that provides a total software solutions for the small to medium size nonprofit organization. FastFund Raising is a comprehensive donor management system that will help your organization raise funds and build long term relationships with your donors. FastFund Raising will allow you to track prospects, donors, alumni and membership data.

  • User definable codes allow you to enter specific attributes, roles and demographic information to help you segment your list for effective mailings.
  • Record cash gifts, pledges, pledge payments and in-kind contributions.
  • Gifts can be split for donor designations or assigning gift attributes. Give solicitors credit and record memorial donations.
  • Send acknowledgment letters, print gift receipts and pledge receivable statements to keep in constant contact with your donors.
  • Import data from other lists and search for duplicates. If a duplicate is found, the records can be merged.
  • Globally update records to search and replace or add new codes.
  • FastFund Raising can be a stand-alone package or can be integrated with the FastFund Nonprofit Accounting Software.

FastFund Payroll Allocates Salaries and Fringe Benefits

FastFund Payroll gives you everything you need to manage the difficult task of creating and managing your payroll. It is an easy to use and flexible payroll system that tracks employee gross pay and benefits, including non-taxable retirement plans, cafeteria-style benefits and deferred compensation plans. Save time and money and take control over payroll expenses and human resource management. FastFund Payroll makes in-house payroll processing a cost-effective alternative to outside payroll services.

The key to proper payroll management for nonprofit organizations is the allocation of employee’s gross pay and related payroll taxes to the program or department where the employee worked. With FastFund Payroll each employee’s salary and payroll taxes are allocated to the appropriate grant, program or cost center based on either a percentage or hours worked.

FastFund Payroll’s flexible payroll distribution will give more control over program and grant spending.

  • Support a wide variety of pay frequencies, including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. Employees can be paid by salary or hourly rates and vacation hours can be accrued
  • Employees can be paid using computer printed checks, or by direct deposit
  • Tax tables for all federal, state and local taxes are supported
  • Step by step payroll wizard and batch processing saves time and simplifies the payroll creation process
  • Posts directly to FastFund accounting in detail for proper allocation of salaries and related payroll taxes
  • Process and pay all tax liabilities
  • Generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports for internal reports and filing 941s, unemployment and year end W2s